Also Specialists In Cosmetic Tattooing

Eyebrows, lipline or colour blush, and eyelines.

Life changing natural or dramatic pigment application, chosen to suit your lifestyle and fashion style. You can trust through years of my experience that you will achieve the perfect look for you to boost esteem and confidence. Many happy and returning clients have enjoyed this life enhancing service.

Consultation and planning session – £31.00
(No obligation for further treatment)
Eyebrows – 1 session £150.00, 2 sessions £275.00
Eyeliner top and bottom – 1 session £175.00, 2 sessions £350.00
Eyeliner top OR bottom – 1 session £100.00, 2 sessions £200.00
Lip liner – 1 session £150.00, 2 sessions £300.00
Lip blush – 1 session £150.00, 2 sessions £300.00
Beauty spot – 75.00

New applications will need 2 sessions approximately 4-6 weeks apart to achieve perfect lasting results. Wake up with perfect make up that won’t run, smudge or let you down, no matter what you’re doing.